Hager Contactor 40A 3pole – ESC340

The choice of the contactor depends on the mechanical endurance
(number of operations) and on the electrical heating load
i.e. resistive elements, infra-red element, convectors.
Choice of Contactors
The choice of contactor is dependant upon many parameters
i.e. operating voltage, size of contacts, number of operations,
ambient temperature, type of load supplied etc.
Type of Load
Loads are categorised into various AC ratings, (AC1, AC2, AC3 etc.)
and the higher the AC rating the more inductive the load becomes.
All Hager contactor ratings are given at AC1, therefore they must be
de-rated if used on other types of AC load.
Heat Dissipation Inserts
The ambient temperature around a contactor can affect its life
expectancy, therefore, we strongly recommend that heat
dissipation inserts (LZ060) are ftted between all contactors and
adjacent devices.


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