Hager ELCB/RCCB 4pole 63A 30mA – CDC464J

Product data sheet
1 Technical subject to change
RCCB 4P 63A 30mA AC
Neutral position right
Number of poles 4 P
Fixing mode Din-Rail
Controls and indicators
Ground fault signalisation no
With fault indicator yes
Main electrical features
Frequency 50 Hz
Electric current
Rated residual operating current 30 mA
Withstand not tripping on 8-20 ?s wave 0,25 kA
Breaking and opening capacity 1500 A
Rated conditional short-circuit current Inc according
to EN 61008-1
6 kA
Electric current / temperature
Rating current -15°C 63 A
Rating current -20°C 63 A
Rating current 0°C 63 A
Rating current 10°C 63 A
Rating current -10°C 63 A
Rating current 15°C 63 A
Rating current 20°C 63 A
Rating current 25°C 63 A
Rating current -25°C 63 A
Rating current 30°C 63 A
Rating current 35°C 63 A
Rating current 40°C 63 A
Rating current 45°C 60 A
Rating current 5°C 63 A
Rating current -5°C 63 A
Rating current 50°C 58 A
Rating current 55°C 55 A
Rating current 60°C 51 A
Product data sheet
2 Technical subject to change
Technical Properties
Rating current 65°C 48 A
Rating current 70°C 45 A
Power loss per pole at In 7,9 W
Total power loss under IN 18,5 W
Short-time delayed tripping no
Protected against nuisance tripping no
Electric endurance in number of cycles 2000
Number of mechanical operations 4000
Depth of installed product 70 mm
Height of installed product 83 mm
Width of installed product 70 mm
Construction size (DIN 43880) 1
Installation, mounting
Type of bottom rail clip for modular devices plastic
Type of top rail clip for modular devices NA
Bottom removability for modular devices yes
Top removability for modular devices no
Type of connection with screw
Standard text IEC 61008-1
European directive WEEE not concerned
Protection index IP IP20
Residual current type AC
Use conditions
Degree of pollution according to IEC 60664 / IEC
Altitude 2000 m
Storage temperature -55 to 70 °C


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