Milano Delta 14W Bulkhead Wall Bracket LED 6500K – White


Milano LED mini wall brackets are powerful and energy efficient alternative to standard bulkhead utility lumen. Designed specifically for LED technology, their impact-resistant and polycarbonate housing provides a superior interior making it ideal for residential and commercial applications. Can be used on Balconies, corridors, stairs, etc.

The cool white color temperature of 6500K is often used in areas where high visibility and clarity are important, such as in hospitals, laboratories, and factories. It can also be used in outdoor areas where a bright, white light is desired for security or safety purposes. Milano Delta 14W Bulkhead Wall Bracket LED 6500K is a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly lighting option.



  • Small and compact design
  • Color Temp 6500K.
  • Comes with Polycarbonate housing & IP-54 rating.
  • Maintenance free & easy installation.
  • Mountable for wall and ceiling
  • Integrated driver
  • Rear wiring allows easy installation.
  • 25000 hours life span.


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