Veto 8″Auto Shutter Exhaust Fan

About this item

• Inch Diameter With Ultra Silent Operation
• Settings For Efficiency And Safety
• Construction For Maximum Durability
• Ideal For Bathroom And Kitchen Use To Remove Damp Air And Smoke.


1.The Veto Auto Shutter Exhaust Fan is the perfect choice for ventilating your space. Its 8-inch size ensures maximum air flow, drawing fresh air in and pushing stale air out. With a 24-hour timer, you can pre-program the fan to run at certain times to keep your air circulating without having to do anything yourself.

2.The unique auto shutter feature opens and closes the fan depending on the pressure difference between indoors and outdoors. The creative double-capacitor design ensures the fan will start running efficiently without any delay. Whats more, the built-in thermal overload protection system has an auto reset to protect the fan from motor burnout.

3.Installing the Veto Auto Shutter Exhaust Fan is easy. The adjustable mounting bracket allows for easy positioning and the dismantle guard lets you mount the fan without having to take it down. The fan is bundled with all the installation hardware youll need, and its compatible with most styles of wall for easy mounting.

4.The Veto Auto Shutter Exhaust Fan is the ideal choice for you to keep your home or office ventilated. Its durable design can cope with heavy use, and the 24-hour programmable timer allows you to save energy and have less manual labour. With a one-year warranty included, this exhaust fan is the perfect addition to your air circulation system.


Custom Stock Status               In Stock

Weight                                       1.30 kg

Size                                             8 inches

Quantity Unit                           PCS

Product Color                           White

Brands                                       Veto

Item Type                                 Exhaust Fan

Unit                                            Individual


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