Hager ELCB/RCCB 2pole 40A 100mA – CEC241J

Hager Ltd. Hortonwood 50, Hortonwood, Telford, TF1 7FT / 01952 675 612
Residual Current Circuit Breaker
Features & Benefits
– Can detect earth leakage (Residual current) in a final circuit(s) which could cause electric shock
– Double pole device allows complete isola�on of final circuit(s)
Residual Current Circuit Breaker
100A, 30mA Type A
RCCBs provide 30mA earth leakage protec�on for final
circuits or groups of circuits.
The CD285U is rated at 100 A and is designed to detect earth leakage current. When
sufficient earth leakage (residual current) is detected the RCCB will trip in line with the requirements
of BS EN 61008-1. There is a test bu�on on the front of the device which should be tested twice
yearly in line BS 7671:2018.
RCCB 100A, 30mA, Type A, 2 Module CD285U
Technical Characteristics
Standard BS EN 61008-1/ EN 61008-1
Pole 2P (switched neutral)
Neutral Posi�on Right
Rated Current (I
n) 100 A
Rated Opera�onal Voltage (Ue) 230 V AC
Rated Frequency 50 Hz
Rated Short-Circuit Capacity (I
cn) EN 61008-1 6kA
Ra�ng Insula�on Voltage (Ui
) according to EN 61009-1 / IEC 61009-1 500 V
Rated Impulse Voltage (Uimp) 4kV
Electrical Endurance 2000 cycles
Mechanical Endurance 4000 cycles
IP ra�ng Terminals IP20
Calibration Temperature 30°c
Working Temperature -25°C up to 40°C
Storage Temperature -40°C up to 70°C
Pollu�on Degree to IEC 60664 / IEC 60947-2 2
Connec�on Capacity 50mm² Rigid cable 35mm2 Flexible Conductor
Nominal Tightening Torque 3.3 Nm
Installa�on Al�tude 2000m
Din Clip Type Metal
RoHs Voluntary Conformity
Warranty 2 Years
Residual Current Type A
Maximum Opera�ng Voltage 253 V
Rated Residual Opera�ng Current (I
n) 30 mA
Height of installed product 83mm
Depth of installed product 70mm
Width of installed product 35mm
Number of Modules 2
Power Loss per Pole at In 7.6 w
Total Power Loss under In 14.3 w
Compa�ble with Din Rail Moun�ng Yes
Manual Test Bu�on Yes
Type of Terminal Connec�on Screw


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