Conductors: Annealed Solid Copper (Class 1), Or stranded (Class 2) to BS EN60228
Insulation: Ployethylene to BS 6234 Type 03. Pairs are identified by number printed on cores.
Screen. Individual and collective Aluminium -Myler Screeb Tape with tinned copper (0.5mm)
Bedding: polyethylene bedding for Type 2 and PVC bedding for type 3 cables
Armour: Galvanized steel wire armour (SWA)to BSEN 10257 – 1.
Outer sheath: PVC Sheath type TM1 for standard application.

Cables supplied under this category comply with the requirements of EN50288-7 (previously PAS5308 and BS5308). The fire-resistant instrumentation cable is also available.

We offer a wide range of instrumentation cables with diverse design options from stock, all suited for direct buried application also.

In addition, we can also customize the cable to customer requirements.

Suitable cable glands are also available.

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