Copper Circular stranded (Non-compacted or Compacted) Class 2 to IEC 60228 or BS EN 60228 (previously BS 6360)


XLPE – material and thickness as per IEC 60502-1 and rated for 900C continuous operation, as the case may be


For multicore cables, two, three, four or five insulated conductors are laid-up together with non-hygroscopic fillers compatible with the insulation material and the assembly is bedded with an extruded layer of LSHF material. In case of non-armoured cables, this layer may be omitted if the outer shape of cable of remains practically circular.

Core Identification:

Single Core         : Red or Black

Two Cores          : Red, Black

Three Cores        : Red, Yellow, Blue

Four Cores          : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black

Five Cores          : Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Green/Yellow

Above Five Cores : White numerals printed on black core insulation.

Cables with special colour code are also available, based on special request.

Inner Sheath:



Galvanized Steel Wires applied helically over bedding as per IEC 60502 or BS 6724. (Single core cables shall be with Aluminium wire armour).

Cables with Double steel tapes applied helically over the bedding of multi-core cables as per IEC 60502-1 are also available on request.

Outer Sheath

Outer sheath shall be extruded LSHF Type ST8 as per IEC 60502.

Thickness of outer sheath shall be as per IEC 60502-1 as per requirement.

For BS 6724 cables, outer sheath shall be LSZH Type ST8/LTS1.

Outer Sheath Colour: Black

In addition, finished cable are marked on the outer sheath to aid cable identification at site.

Fire Performance

0.6/1 kV cables shall meet flame test requirements of IEC 60332-3-24 (Category C).

Cables as per BS 6724 shall meet the requirements of low corrosive and low toxic gas emission as per BS 6724.

All cables outlined in this section comply with the requirements of either IEC 60502-1 or BS 6724.

As per relevant Standards IEC 60502-1 and BS 6724 for Low Smoke and Halogen Free 0.6/1 kV Cables, the inner sheath and outer sheath material used for such cables has Low emission of smoke and Halogen free properties.

Manufacturers use different descriptive terms such as XLHF, LSZH, LS0H, LSOH, LSF, LSHF – all of which refer to the same material.

LSHF Cables are designed to offer improved performance in areas where smoke and fume emission in the event of a fire would cause particular problems.


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